quick writing before work. i haven't eaten any sweets in 3 days now. that is huge for being me, used to eat dessert at least once a day for two months (still i lost 3 kilos, very strange). i've also survived 4 days of the insanity training programme. today was a "recovery" day, didn't really feel like it though. at least i hopefully can walk in stairs without feeling like 75 after the stretching exercises from today. from now on i will book at least one flight ticket a day for my travelling around the world. so far i've booked flight tickets from new york to san fransisco and los angeles to nadi. tonight i will book a flight from nadi to auckland. i have also called norwegian two times, and both times they finally answered the call was disconnected. dont know what to do, as i have to cancell my fligh trip from new york-stockholm asap. now i start working in 10 mins so best to get going. 


found a couple of years old blog post that was quite funny to read (in swedish though). 


tiden rinner iväg ofattbart snabbt. plötsligt är det 5 minuter kvar tills bussen ska gå, och jag står i underkläder med endast ett öga sminkat. jag skyndar mig som en idiot. när det är mindre än 1 minut kvar tills bussen ska gå springer jag ut genom dörrren och är precis påväg att hoppa över staketet då jag kommer på att jag glömt någonting. jag vänder snabbt om, in i huset, tar det jag glömt (vilket vanligtvis brukar vara min mobil som jag av någon korkad anledning lagt på bordet vid dörren). med andan i halsen tar jag mig ut genom dörren en andra gång och påbörjar den 100 meter långa raksträckan mot busshållsplatsen. när jag sprungit ungefär hälften och är nära att dö av utmattning ser jag bussen komma fram bakom kröken.

på en halv sekund gör jag valet. fortsätta springa eller ge upp. det blir självklart det förstnämnda! med vinglande steg och håret i ansiktet tar jag mig till sist fram till busshållsplatsen. antingen ser chauffören mig springa och väntar snällt till jag kommer fram eller så ser han mig inte förän i sista sekund och måste tvärnita för att släppa på mig. bästa kommentaren jag någonsin fått av en busschaufför var “det är faktiskt du som ska vänta på oss och inte vi på dig, höhö”. en gång var en busschaufför så fascinerad av min slutspurt att han asgarvade och klappade i händerna när jag steg på bussen.

väl på bussen är jag så anfådd att jag knappt kan prata. jag får fram ett tack…att…du…vänta och börjar frenetiskt leta i min överfulla lilla väska. jag får fram mina två busskort (varför jag har två vet jag inte själv). håller fram det första mot apparaten. det piper till tre gånger. fungerar inte. här blir jag lite stressad och håller fram mitt andra busskort. det fungerar inte heller. sedan kommer jag på att det inte är månadskort jag har utan rabattkort. utbrister: “men…ojdå…hehe…halv..till…helsingborg”. busschauffören skrattar, slår in min biljett och säger varsågod varav jag håller fram mitt kort tills ett godkännande ljud hörs. härnäst följer dock the walk of shame för såklart är det inga platser lediga förän längst bak i bussen. men, jag hann och är på! mission completed."


i. am. hungry. as. hell. if i had 1 kilo candy in front of me it would be gone in 5 minutes. just realized the reason i'm hungry is that i've forgot to have dinner. and now i'm to lazy to get up to the hotel, which is a long 2 minute walk. i also forgot my clothes in the washing machine. and i forgot to study today. 1st of 3 days off in a row have consisted of spending time in front of my computer starting writning a packing-list for my travelling, spending time in front of my computer doing nothing, spending time in front of my computer trying to find out the best way to hultsfredsfestivalen from flåm (realized i HAVE to get there, will not survive a summer without visiting a single festival) and spending time in front of my computer skyping with family and wife. oh, i also started my first day of 60 days "insanity" training programe. it almost killed me, had to pause the video to catch my breath all the time and once i had to lie down in my bed with closed eyes for 10 mins before i could finish it. my workmate who are a couple of days in front of me in the training programe said it will not get easier. im fucked.  


have spent over one hour sitting in my armchair listening to music. atm cute british indierock. pretty much only listened to music from the uk about 6 years ago, makes me nostalgic. trying to get mentally prepered to start cleaning my hybel. i actually got up from the chair for about 3 seconds, until i got the brilliant idea to write just ooone quick post here, and theeeen start with my big project. now i ended up sitting on the carpet instead. i hope my room is tidy by the evening at least, this will take hours if i know myself right.
the picture is from london, taken outside the house i lived in for about half a year. it was situated on a small cobblerstone street with lots of beautiful houses nearby just 5 mins off camden high street. though our house looked like a disaster comparing to the other ones, it was actually silent on the nights and you could hear birds singing in the garden. quite nice. it was also here we got "kicked out" even if we had months left on our contract as our estate agency illegaly putted up a wall in the living room without telling the landlord they rented the house from.
me and roomie where living in a room that should not even exist. long story short another agency showed up and started to have viewings with up to 20 people walking straight in to our house. first time i had no idea what was going on, as we had not got any warnings we had to be moving out. after a lot of hassle me, karro and jackan found our own flat, a cheeper and nicer one a couple of minutes away. and yes, we rented a room from an agency that rented the house from another agency that rented the house from a landlord. london in a nutshell.



apparently im off four-five days next week. everybody i work with will probably leave, and right now ive no idea what to do myself. should i stay and actually do some studying, go to the gym and go out skiing everyday. oooor go on an impulsive adventure to oslo, bergen, gbg, sthlm, london, somehere else. hm. i should save my money for my trip round the world, but staying here at the mountains pretty much by myself seems quite boring. ill see what happens. now i will watch my dear beloved sherlock solve some crimes until i fall asleep. goodnight


me working, working and...working is not the most exciting thing to read about, so its by all well-meaning i havent been writing here for a while. but dont worry, im still very much alive. i havent actually done anything else than working and sleeping the last couple of weeks until seven days ago. as the hotel was closed for the weekend i got a whole week of, which ofc ment a trip to sweden. i have had such a good time! spent time with my family, went for long walks with penny, enjoyed the great spring-weather and to actually be able to see land and not only snow (and mountains and trees), visited my previous job at kullaberg during preperations for the royal visit the coming day, celebrated my grandmothers 75th birthday eating a delicious buffet with my relatives, spent hours playing my favourite game monopoly, have been hanging out with friends, eased my craving for swedish pizza and so on.
here's some pics (all creds to rebecka)  from this friday in malmö. had an amazing evening, by far the most spontanious and unexpecting night out since living in london. started out with dinner and whine, ended up visiting 4 after parties (!!) and staying awake until the morning.

feels good not being the only one having a phone from the stone age.


just finished work. apparently ive worked over 70 hrs the last week, not including breaks. im not feeling that bad and im not even that tired, even if ive worked breakfast-lunch-dinner the last couple of days with like 4 hrs of sleep every night. im turning into a superwoman! my first week was killing me, and then i worked 65 hrs. but its quite a difference going from an office job to work over 12 hrs six days a week without sitting down and to always be on the move. i guess my body is getting more used to this kind of work. should probably try to get some sleep tonight. im not starting work until 8.30 tomorrow wish means sleep in! at least i hope i get 5 hrs of sleep. all guests will leave the hotel around midday tomorrow, so during the afternoon it's arranged for me and my jobmates to go out skiing and after that... alcohol. funfun! now ill watch my neighbor totoro and get to sleep.


pic: me painting my nails in ldn last year.
i miss my hat. wore it pretty much every day and night until it got lost at bestival. even if it was and will be my favourite accessoar ever i had a WONDERFUL time at the festival and don't regret anything. lost it when i was partying early in the morning in a big tent with great music and dragqueens dancing on a stage. wish i could visit bestival this summer as well, but i will hopefully be able to go there another year without feeling to old as the crowd are much more varied than on swedish festivals.


at the moment im sitting in my hybel with my feet in a bucket full of water and grönsåpa (cleaning product). i hope it will make wonders, or my colleauge have lied to me. yesterday was a good day, even if i've catched a cold. feeling a bit better today though. worked breakfast and lunch and had the whole afternoon free. as i've only slept like 3-4h the last nights i was exhausted at work, which may be the reason i crashed two glasses. other clever things i've done during my 2 weeks here at the hotel includes making 10l coffe with the tap open (=coffe all over the table and floor) and lauging at a child ordering "one pils please" (she may have said applejuice).
after finishing work yesterday i directly fell asleep until my workmate knocked on my door at 20.00 as we've planned to go to the swimming pool and sauna. sooo i got rid of my horror-movie-girl-vs-panda-look and stayed up until 2 drinking whine. i've finally got a new pair of battery to my camera, so will try taking some pictures of the beautiful scenery surrounding me. was supposed to go the the gym today, but as i'm not feeling that well it's probably not that good if an idea. will try to spend my day studing as much as possible. and maybe continue planning my trip round the world, although the time will fly away if i do. now i have to get rid of the grönsåpa. i will "hold my tumbs" my feet are ok. 


now ive been 22 years for about an hour. it feels very unrealistic. where the hell did the years go?! i remember when i was younger and listened to "vi två 17 år" and longed to be 17. now i was 17 5 years ago. yesterday was a good day, and the day before as well. yesterday i only worked 4hrs and today 6 which feels really weird as i worked 65hrs my first week here at the hotel. i had tons of energy today as ive actually got some sleep last night. it was the first day since i started my job my feet did not hurt like hell, because there was not that much running around as there was not many guests. and i'm free today! as it looks now i will spend my birthday studing (i have pretty much not studying anything since i moved here to the hotel as i've worked all the time) , hopefully get the curage to book my trip around the world, eat whatever i want without feeling bad (its only your birthday once a year!), go to the gym or for a walk/langreen ski if the weather is good and maybe drink some whine with workmates tonight. now im going to finish watching ponyo and enjoy a good night sleep knowing i don't have to wake up early tomorrow.


even if im trying not to think about my dog, i miss her quite a lot! it may be weird i miss penny more than my parents and sister but it's true. i could write a novel about my dog, but to prevent boring you all to death i only have to say she is the best, craziest and cutest little dog ever. hate that it will be 5 months until i see her again... for like 5 days until i will be away for another 6 months. after that i don't even know if and when i will move back to sweden. life is life nanananana



sooo, on demand i guess i will start blogging in english. we'll see how this goes. if i know myself right swedish words will be written again in a week or two tops. i apologize in advance for any misspellings and grammatical errors, but i will give it a try.

i quite miss london! as im sitting in my "hybel" with trees, mountains and snow all around me in norway i can't believe i actually lived there not very long time ago.1 f-ing year spent in london.. im listening to a spotify playlist from last year and are feeling nostalgic. even if i did not always appreciate london when i was there, it is an amazing city and definitely my favourite city so far. i may even move back in the near future (after ive graduated from whatever that makes me earn som real money).

i miss all the drunken nights, to always have something fun to do, all nice people, the brittish accent, camden, cheap food and alcohol, sainsburrys, notting hill arts club on wednessdays, tons of gigs every night, markets, the parks, EVERYTHING. now i have to stop distracting myself from what i really have to do, study! even if i lived in england for a year, i don't recognize even halft of the words im about to learn. exasperating. demeanour. loquacious. acrimonious for example. here's the playlist btw: lalala


borde egentligen ha studerat engelska ikväll eller möjligtvis gjort andra nödvändiga saker men nej, har läst igenom mina två gamla bloggar med regelbundet skrivande från 2007 och framåt. jag var inte bara väldigt snygg förr utan även otroligt rolig. vilket kap! ackack vart har tiden tagit vägen. nu ska jag försöka ta tag i lite viktiga saker iaf, så som att betala mobilräkningar och planera lite lägre på min jorden runtresa. sedan ska jag se walking dead och sova.

utdrag från min blogg några år bak i tiden (kollade på bröderna lejonhjärta med modern min):

jonathan: den som fångar henne död eller levande får 15 hästar
skorpan: den som fångar dig då?
mamma: den får 20 hästar…och en get


nu befinner man sig sedan lite mindre än en vecka tillbaka högt uppe i fjällen i norge. fram till augusti ska jag tjäna ihop så mycket pengar som möjligt till min jorden runt resa (som jag måste ta mig tid att organisera om för femtioelfte gången och boka väldigt snart) och kan verkligen inte klaga på avsaknad av arbete just nu. mina första 5 dagar här arbetade jag sammanlagt 60 timmar, med högst 30 min rast per dag (ej inkluderat i timmarna). idag har jag haft min första dag ledigt, och jag har verkligen inte gjort någonting förutom en lite promenad. mina fötter har värkt så mycket under och efter jobb att jag haltat runt med tårar i ögonen medan det känts som jag gått på nålar. jag hoppas VERKLIGEN mina fötter har återhämtat sig nu under ledigheten, för vet inte om jag klarar 2 månader till med att rabbla upp "tänk på pengarna, jorden runt, pengar, jorden runt" i huvudet länge till för att överleva.
nog med klagande! här är otroligt fint, jag får god hotellmat att äta varje dag och bor i en mysig liten hybel med internet och tv. gick en liten runda idag runt hotellet och det är faktiskt första gången jag faktiskt hunnit reflektera över min omgivning, allt ser verkligen ut som en tavla! nästa gång jag är ledig ska jag låna ett par längåkningsskidor och bege mig ut, finns flera mils spår här. igår tackade jag ja till ännu ett arbete som jag kan börja på precis när denna anställning har slutat. här är otroligt vackert på vintern och flåm, där nästa jobb ligger, verkar vara finfint på sommaren så kan ju inte bli bättre! nej, nu ska jag bege mig till hotellet och få i mig lite mat.
utsikt utanför mitt fönster


har äntligen tagit mig tid att gå igenom alla mina påsar med sparade minnen från olika händelser i den senare delen av mitt liv för att fylla min rumsdörr och garderobsdörr med dessa fantastiska påminnnelser om att livet faktiskt har varit rätt så roligt och händelserikt hittills.

rumsdörren är fylld av minnen bland annat från min tågluffning runt europa inkluderat interailkartan + biljett, bild från fotoautomat i berlin, bordsunderlägg med hälsning från världens bästa CS-host från bryssel, karta från nice, biljett för 1-dags vandring runt sjukt vackra cinque terre i italien, diverse museumbiljetter, hostelkort, infohäfte om anne franks museum, ficek forever-pin från mannen himelf, mina runt 20 festivalarmband, hyttkort till oslokryssning, bild på mig och min dåvarande crush hästpojken-martin, vykort från förr, namnbricka från min tid som guide och turistinformatör på kullabergs naturreservat, "stöt på mig"-intärnskämtspin för fäktare och min autograf från mitt första möte med håkan h för en härrans massa år sedan.

min garderobsdörr innehåller minnen från det senaste året vilket främst är från min tid i london inkluderande bordsunderlägg från stammispuben hawleys, konsertbiljetter, festivalbiljetter och program, kvitto för mina första dm:s från orginalbutiken runt hörnet från där jag bodde i camden, jättefina vykort från gamla stan i corfu town, klubbkvällsflyers, hp warner bros studio tourbiljett, självlysande armband från bästa festivalen bestival, tågbiljetter till bla manchester och glasgow, program för late night zoo (london zoo öppet för vuxna under kvällstid ink. alkohol och silent disco), musikalbiljetter och narniateaterbiljett med jonnys nästintill oläsliga "autograf" i nagelack.

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