just finished work. apparently ive worked over 70 hrs the last week, not including breaks. im not feeling that bad and im not even that tired, even if ive worked breakfast-lunch-dinner the last couple of days with like 4 hrs of sleep every night. im turning into a superwoman! my first week was killing me, and then i worked 65 hrs. but its quite a difference going from an office job to work over 12 hrs six days a week without sitting down and to always be on the move. i guess my body is getting more used to this kind of work. should probably try to get some sleep tonight. im not starting work until 8.30 tomorrow wish means sleep in! at least i hope i get 5 hrs of sleep. all guests will leave the hotel around midday tomorrow, so during the afternoon it's arranged for me and my jobmates to go out skiing and after that... alcohol. funfun! now ill watch my neighbor totoro and get to sleep.


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