at the moment im sitting in my hybel with my feet in a bucket full of water and grönsåpa (cleaning product). i hope it will make wonders, or my colleauge have lied to me. yesterday was a good day, even if i've catched a cold. feeling a bit better today though. worked breakfast and lunch and had the whole afternoon free. as i've only slept like 3-4h the last nights i was exhausted at work, which may be the reason i crashed two glasses. other clever things i've done during my 2 weeks here at the hotel includes making 10l coffe with the tap open (=coffe all over the table and floor) and lauging at a child ordering "one pils please" (she may have said applejuice).
after finishing work yesterday i directly fell asleep until my workmate knocked on my door at 20.00 as we've planned to go to the swimming pool and sauna. sooo i got rid of my horror-movie-girl-vs-panda-look and stayed up until 2 drinking whine. i've finally got a new pair of battery to my camera, so will try taking some pictures of the beautiful scenery surrounding me. was supposed to go the the gym today, but as i'm not feeling that well it's probably not that good if an idea. will try to spend my day studing as much as possible. and maybe continue planning my trip round the world, although the time will fly away if i do. now i have to get rid of the grönsåpa. i will "hold my tumbs" my feet are ok. 


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