just finished work. apparently ive worked over 70 hrs the last week, not including breaks. im not feeling that bad and im not even that tired, even if ive worked breakfast-lunch-dinner the last couple of days with like 4 hrs of sleep every night. im turning into a superwoman! my first week was killing me, and then i worked 65 hrs. but its quite a difference going from an office job to work over 12 hrs six days a week without sitting down and to always be on the move. i guess my body is getting more used to this kind of work. should probably try to get some sleep tonight. im not starting work until 8.30 tomorrow wish means sleep in! at least i hope i get 5 hrs of sleep. all guests will leave the hotel around midday tomorrow, so during the afternoon it's arranged for me and my jobmates to go out skiing and after that... alcohol. funfun! now ill watch my neighbor totoro and get to sleep.


pic: me painting my nails in ldn last year.
i miss my hat. wore it pretty much every day and night until it got lost at bestival. even if it was and will be my favourite accessoar ever i had a WONDERFUL time at the festival and don't regret anything. lost it when i was partying early in the morning in a big tent with great music and dragqueens dancing on a stage. wish i could visit bestival this summer as well, but i will hopefully be able to go there another year without feeling to old as the crowd are much more varied than on swedish festivals.


at the moment im sitting in my hybel with my feet in a bucket full of water and grönsåpa (cleaning product). i hope it will make wonders, or my colleauge have lied to me. yesterday was a good day, even if i've catched a cold. feeling a bit better today though. worked breakfast and lunch and had the whole afternoon free. as i've only slept like 3-4h the last nights i was exhausted at work, which may be the reason i crashed two glasses. other clever things i've done during my 2 weeks here at the hotel includes making 10l coffe with the tap open (=coffe all over the table and floor) and lauging at a child ordering "one pils please" (she may have said applejuice).
after finishing work yesterday i directly fell asleep until my workmate knocked on my door at 20.00 as we've planned to go to the swimming pool and sauna. sooo i got rid of my horror-movie-girl-vs-panda-look and stayed up until 2 drinking whine. i've finally got a new pair of battery to my camera, so will try taking some pictures of the beautiful scenery surrounding me. was supposed to go the the gym today, but as i'm not feeling that well it's probably not that good if an idea. will try to spend my day studing as much as possible. and maybe continue planning my trip round the world, although the time will fly away if i do. now i have to get rid of the grönsåpa. i will "hold my tumbs" my feet are ok. 


now ive been 22 years for about an hour. it feels very unrealistic. where the hell did the years go?! i remember when i was younger and listened to "vi två 17 år" and longed to be 17. now i was 17 5 years ago. yesterday was a good day, and the day before as well. yesterday i only worked 4hrs and today 6 which feels really weird as i worked 65hrs my first week here at the hotel. i had tons of energy today as ive actually got some sleep last night. it was the first day since i started my job my feet did not hurt like hell, because there was not that much running around as there was not many guests. and i'm free today! as it looks now i will spend my birthday studing (i have pretty much not studying anything since i moved here to the hotel as i've worked all the time) , hopefully get the curage to book my trip around the world, eat whatever i want without feeling bad (its only your birthday once a year!), go to the gym or for a walk/langreen ski if the weather is good and maybe drink some whine with workmates tonight. now im going to finish watching ponyo and enjoy a good night sleep knowing i don't have to wake up early tomorrow.


even if im trying not to think about my dog, i miss her quite a lot! it may be weird i miss penny more than my parents and sister but it's true. i could write a novel about my dog, but to prevent boring you all to death i only have to say she is the best, craziest and cutest little dog ever. hate that it will be 5 months until i see her again... for like 5 days until i will be away for another 6 months. after that i don't even know if and when i will move back to sweden. life is life nanananana


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