sooo, on demand i guess i will start blogging in english. we'll see how this goes. if i know myself right swedish words will be written again in a week or two tops. i apologize in advance for any misspellings and grammatical errors, but i will give it a try.

i quite miss london! as im sitting in my "hybel" with trees, mountains and snow all around me in norway i can't believe i actually lived there not very long time ago.1 f-ing year spent in london.. im listening to a spotify playlist from last year and are feeling nostalgic. even if i did not always appreciate london when i was there, it is an amazing city and definitely my favourite city so far. i may even move back in the near future (after ive graduated from whatever that makes me earn som real money).

i miss all the drunken nights, to always have something fun to do, all nice people, the brittish accent, camden, cheap food and alcohol, sainsburrys, notting hill arts club on wednessdays, tons of gigs every night, markets, the parks, EVERYTHING. now i have to stop distracting myself from what i really have to do, study! even if i lived in england for a year, i don't recognize even halft of the words im about to learn. exasperating. demeanour. loquacious. acrimonious for example. here's the playlist btw: lalala


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