quick writing before work. i haven't eaten any sweets in 3 days now. that is huge for being me, used to eat dessert at least once a day for two months (still i lost 3 kilos, very strange). i've also survived 4 days of the insanity training programme. today was a "recovery" day, didn't really feel like it though. at least i hopefully can walk in stairs without feeling like 75 after the stretching exercises from today. from now on i will book at least one flight ticket a day for my travelling around the world. so far i've booked flight tickets from new york to san fransisco and los angeles to nadi. tonight i will book a flight from nadi to auckland. i have also called norwegian two times, and both times they finally answered the call was disconnected. dont know what to do, as i have to cancell my fligh trip from new york-stockholm asap. now i start working in 10 mins so best to get going. 


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