i. am. hungry. as. hell. if i had 1 kilo candy in front of me it would be gone in 5 minutes. just realized the reason i'm hungry is that i've forgot to have dinner. and now i'm to lazy to get up to the hotel, which is a long 2 minute walk. i also forgot my clothes in the washing machine. and i forgot to study today. 1st of 3 days off in a row have consisted of spending time in front of my computer starting writning a packing-list for my travelling, spending time in front of my computer doing nothing, spending time in front of my computer trying to find out the best way to hultsfredsfestivalen from flåm (realized i HAVE to get there, will not survive a summer without visiting a single festival) and spending time in front of my computer skyping with family and wife. oh, i also started my first day of 60 days "insanity" training programe. it almost killed me, had to pause the video to catch my breath all the time and once i had to lie down in my bed with closed eyes for 10 mins before i could finish it. my workmate who are a couple of days in front of me in the training programe said it will not get easier. im fucked.  


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