have spent over one hour sitting in my armchair listening to music. atm cute british indierock. pretty much only listened to music from the uk about 6 years ago, makes me nostalgic. trying to get mentally prepered to start cleaning my hybel. i actually got up from the chair for about 3 seconds, until i got the brilliant idea to write just ooone quick post here, and theeeen start with my big project. now i ended up sitting on the carpet instead. i hope my room is tidy by the evening at least, this will take hours if i know myself right.
the picture is from london, taken outside the house i lived in for about half a year. it was situated on a small cobblerstone street with lots of beautiful houses nearby just 5 mins off camden high street. though our house looked like a disaster comparing to the other ones, it was actually silent on the nights and you could hear birds singing in the garden. quite nice. it was also here we got "kicked out" even if we had months left on our contract as our estate agency illegaly putted up a wall in the living room without telling the landlord they rented the house from.
me and roomie where living in a room that should not even exist. long story short another agency showed up and started to have viewings with up to 20 people walking straight in to our house. first time i had no idea what was going on, as we had not got any warnings we had to be moving out. after a lot of hassle me, karro and jackan found our own flat, a cheeper and nicer one a couple of minutes away. and yes, we rented a room from an agency that rented the house from another agency that rented the house from a landlord. london in a nutshell.



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