me working, working and...working is not the most exciting thing to read about, so its by all well-meaning i havent been writing here for a while. but dont worry, im still very much alive. i havent actually done anything else than working and sleeping the last couple of weeks until seven days ago. as the hotel was closed for the weekend i got a whole week of, which ofc ment a trip to sweden. i have had such a good time! spent time with my family, went for long walks with penny, enjoyed the great spring-weather and to actually be able to see land and not only snow (and mountains and trees), visited my previous job at kullaberg during preperations for the royal visit the coming day, celebrated my grandmothers 75th birthday eating a delicious buffet with my relatives, spent hours playing my favourite game monopoly, have been hanging out with friends, eased my craving for swedish pizza and so on.
here's some pics (all creds to rebecka)  from this friday in malmö. had an amazing evening, by far the most spontanious and unexpecting night out since living in london. started out with dinner and whine, ended up visiting 4 after parties (!!) and staying awake until the morning.

feels good not being the only one having a phone from the stone age.

Postat av: angelica

åh! saknar dig!!! <3

Svar: saknar dig med! tycker du ska hälsa på mig i norge <3
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2013-04-07 @ 21:34:35
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