now ive been 22 years for about an hour. it feels very unrealistic. where the hell did the years go?! i remember when i was younger and listened to "vi två 17 år" and longed to be 17. now i was 17 5 years ago. yesterday was a good day, and the day before as well. yesterday i only worked 4hrs and today 6 which feels really weird as i worked 65hrs my first week here at the hotel. i had tons of energy today as ive actually got some sleep last night. it was the first day since i started my job my feet did not hurt like hell, because there was not that much running around as there was not many guests. and i'm free today! as it looks now i will spend my birthday studing (i have pretty much not studying anything since i moved here to the hotel as i've worked all the time) , hopefully get the curage to book my trip around the world, eat whatever i want without feeling bad (its only your birthday once a year!), go to the gym or for a walk/langreen ski if the weather is good and maybe drink some whine with workmates tonight. now im going to finish watching ponyo and enjoy a good night sleep knowing i don't have to wake up early tomorrow.


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